Rice 360° brings together an international group of faculty, students, clinicians, and private and public sector partners to design innovative health technologies for poor settings, to develop and implement entrepreneurial approaches that increase access to these technologies around the world, and to prepare students to lead tomorrow’s global health technology workforce.


About Us

Based at Rice University in Houston, Texas, Rice 360˚ Institute for Global health Technologies works in partnership with communities throughout the world to design and implement low-cost, high-performance health technologies that address major global health challenges. 60,000 people in 28 countries have benefited from 58 new global health technologies and programs designed by 444 students in Rice 360˚’s Beyond Traditional Borders initiative.

Rice 360˚ supports the research of Rice University faculty with closely-aligned research interests within the schools of engineering, natural science, social science, and business. Rice 360˚ has been widely recognized for Beyond Traditional Borders, its innovative global health technologies curriculum which incorporates high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. This curriculum emphasizes the development of student-designed technologies which address challenges to healthcare delivery in low-resource settings. Rice 360˚’s partners—both domestic and international—support the development and eventual dissemination of these technologies by identifying needs for low-cost technologies and providing feedback on new designs.

Rice 360        6100 Main MS-636, Houston, Texas 77005-1827      rice360@rice.edu
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