Specialized Unit for Respiratory Research

Rice360 SPUR (Specialized Unit for Respiratory Research) is envisioned as a hub for open-source technical innovation and clinical advancement in global respiratory technology.  

The group is organized around five elements:

  1. focused development 

  2. targeted solutions

  3. leadership and education

  4. open-source ecosystems

  5. creating a physical technical/clinical hub for assessment and implementation

Mission & Purpose 

SPUR’s goal is to foster innovation and improve the standards in respiratory care. Currently, access to global respiratory technology remains inequitable and inefficient. The worldwide rise in COVID-19 cases demonstrated the limitations of existing technologies to meet the global needs for respiratory support, especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The most significant mismatch between existing respiratory technology and what is required in the clinical setting occurs in low-resource settings. Many devices are designed without consideration of those using said device within a low-resource setting, resulting in poorly tailored solutions for global health systems.