Innovate for global impact

What We Do

Rice360’s mission is to innovate for global impact. Rice360 develops highly effective, low-cost healthcare solutions for underserved communities and educates future leaders to innovate and implement solutions.

Transforming students into innovators...

and ideas into sustainable solutions.

We identify opportunities for innovation through global partnerships with stakeholders who relay clinical needs from their real-world experiences with health care in low-resource settings. Our stakeholders range from clinicians, care providers, and engineers.

  • We educate & empower students across disciplines to lead & collaborate to solve complex global health challenges
  • We design scalable solutions to address unmet health needs around the world
  • We thoughtfully implement innovative solutions to improve health equity
  • We commit to achieving equitable and quality healthcare for everyone, everywhere

How we do it

Rice360 offers a number of award-winning experiential education programs, where participants engage directly in the design, fabrication, evaluation, deployment, and global scale of innovative new technologies.

  • Minor in Global Health Technologies (GLHT)
  • Bi-directional International Internships
  • GLHT Post-baccalaureate Fellowships
  • Undergraduate GLHT Design Competition

Rice360 collaborates to develop highly effective, low-cost healthcare solutions addressing critical healthcare needs in underserved communities. We lead inclusive efforts to design, translate, and scale sustainable solutions that reduce global health inequities. Rice360 co-leads the Newborn Essential Solutions & Technologies (NEST360) alliance and the Center for Innovation & Translation of POC Technologies for Equitable Cancer Care (CITEC)

Research & Translation
  • Technologies for Reproductive,
  • Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health
  • Point-of-Care Diagnostics & Therapeutics
  • Global Cancer Care