About us

Our Values & Commitment

At its core, Rice360 holds the following values:

graphic of rice360's core values


We are bold and ambitious. We work with purpose, creativity, and sustainability to meet global needs. 


We believe everyone deserves equal access to quality health care no matter where they live.


We are inclusive and partnership-driven in our work.


We uphold a policy of ethics that prioritizes honesty, compassion, and transparency. We expect everyone within our organization to treat others with respect and humility. 


We actively engage with local and global partners to ensure our work is conscientious and sustainable. 


We support a community of collaborative learning to strengthen and foster local ownership, capacity building, and individual agency.


We pledge to remain open-minded and embrace change.

Additionally, we would like to note that the Rice360 Institute of Global Health Technologies stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We recognize that we are responsible for acknowledging and addressing racism and injustice in ourselves, our communities, and global health. Together we can work to end systemic racism that undermines equity in global health. We are committed to working toward justice and equity, including health equity, for everyone, everywhere.

We recognize that each of these commitments requires active, ongoing engagement. As an Institute, we commit to listening, learning, and engaging policies that enforce anti-racism. 

You can read our full Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement here.