Research & Design

Rice360 is currently working on developing the following innovations and always looking to grow our impact.

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photo of rebecca richards-kortum and engineer breanna kilgore working on colostomy prototype

Colostomy Bag | Ostomy bags collect feces or urine from an intestinal opening (stoma) in the abdominal wall. These bags are replaced every 3-5 days and can be costly. We aim to develop a solution that reduces costs to the ostomates.

Conductive Warming Mattress | Hypothermia (body temperature below 36.5°C) is a significant mortality risk in newborns. We aim to develop a low-cost, low-power warming mattress with continuous temperature monitoring feedback to aid in thermoregulation of newborns.

Gastroschisis | Gastroschisis is a congenital anomaly where a hole in the abdominal wall allows the intestines to extend outside the body. We aim to design a functional and low-cost silo bag to help treat babies with gastroschisis where high-cost consumables are not available.

Oxygen Analyzer | Oxygen concentrators often break down, ending up in equipment graveyards. Oxygen analyzers play a crucial role in concentrator repair and maintenance. Biomedical technicians in low-resource settings lack this diagnostic tool due to cost. We aim to develop a low-cost alternative to fill this gap in routine maintenance of equipment.

Neonatal Respiratory Rate Monitor | Respiratory rate is a critical vital sign for newborns, and currently there are no tools for continuous respiratory monitoring that meet the NEST360 Target Product Profiles. We aim to develop a low-cost and reusable solution to continuously monitor newborn respiratory rate.

Neonatal Gastric Suction |Neonatal gastric suction is a life-saving treatment to reduce stomach fluid accumulation in newborns suffering from common intestinal conditions. We aim to develop a safe, effective, and affordable neonatal gastric suction device suitable for low-resource settings that often lack a vacuum infrastructure and access to expensive consumables.

Oxygen Concentrator Dust-Protection | Oxygen concentrators are a low-cost, effective method of supplying oxygen. Dust accumulation in concentrators leads to early device failure. We aim to design an external dust filtration system that reduces dust and extends the service life of an oxygen concentrator.

Vital Signs Monitoring | No-contact vitals monitoring is an innovative research topic and has the potential to address multiple use-cases. We aim to develop a solution that could be deployed across multiple clinical settings for vital signs monitoring without the need for consumables.