innovation for day one

Innovation for Day One is a conference organized by the Rice360 Institute for Global Health Technologies and the maternal newborn health community to explore groundbreaking tools and approaches for healthy outcomes for mothers and babies in resource-limited communities. On day one of their baby’s life, mothers should be able to share stories of love, hope, and happiness. Unfortunately, most maternal and newborn deaths occur at the time of delivery to the first two days of a newborn’s life. The Innovation for Day One Conference is an opportunity to foster discussion among researchers across a variety of disciplines whose work advances treatment, technologies, and learnings in maternal and newborn survival. Together, we will take collective action to drive health equity for mothers and babies around the world.

About the Innovation for Day One Conference

The Innovation for Day One Conference will be held in person, in Houston, Texas, at the Bioscience Research Collaborative on Rice University's campus from Wednesday, September 25 through Friday, September 27, 2024.

Healthy outcomes start with innovation. This year’s theme will focus on making groundbreaking advances to end preventable newborn and maternal deaths in hard-to-reach communities through innovation.


The Innovation for Day One Conference is guided by an International Steering Committee of public health experts in maternal and newborn innovation. The members have direct, practical, and in-depth experience; represent countries and communities from all over the world; and provide overall strategic management and oversight to the Conference.