Our Mission

Mission Statement

360View’s mission is to take steps toward achieving health equity by expanding cross-cultural dialogues about global health. Our journal is committed to bearing witness.  We are in solidarity with communities worldwide experiencing a shortage in health resources due to structural injustice. Through this collection of art, we prompt reflection among all of those involved in global health, encouraging candid discussions on its most pressing challenges while also highlighting the joy and achievements of global health efforts.

We champion a reimagining of global health that decenters the Western perspective and instead generates an inclusive, worldwide, 360-degree view. 

Our Values

As students from a privileged institution in the United States, we have benefited from histories of colonization that permeate global health. We are dedicated to continually reflecting on our involvement in power imbalances and iteratively crafting our project in response to new knowledge. Our work is rooted in empathy, creativity, and social justice.